June 16, 2015

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When Renting Serviced Apartments Sydney Makes Sense

October 5, 2015
When Renting Serviced Apartments Sydney Makes Sense
Finding a place to live in Sydney can seem daunting due to the sheer size of the city as well as the number of options available. Many who are looking for a place to live want to find a long-term lease on an unfurnished space. While this is the traditional type of rental space that is available, there are instances when a furnished space makes more sense. However, you may then need to decide between staying in an extended stay hotel room or renting serviced apartments Sydney. These two options are fairly similar, but there are instances when renting serviced apartments Sydney makes more sense than staying in a hotel. 

Both extended stay hotel rooms and serviced apartments Sydney are furnished and have at least one bed, a private bathroom, a kitchen and dining area and a living space. However, an extended stay hotel room generally is much smaller in size, and you generally will not find an extended stay hotel room with multiple bedrooms. Therefore, if you need or want more space, a serviced apartment is a better option. In addition, serviced apartments Sydney often have flexible lease terms, and the rental rates are more affordable than extended stay hotel rooms. Extended stay rooms may be ideal for longer trips, but a serviced apartment may be better suited for those who plan to stay in the area for several weeks or months. They will give you all of the comforts of home without having to bring all of your own belongings with you. 

Serviced apartments Sydney will give you the feeling of being in a home-like apartment while extended stay hotel rooms are generally considered to be a larger version of a standard hotel room. With better understanding of these important differences, you can make the best decision about where to stay while you are in Sydney.